Connect  ~  Communicate  ~  Collaborate

State & Local Lobbying

Provide active, ​engaged representation at the state or local legislature for the client's policy priorities. Build coalitions to support policy change. Work collaboratively with bill sponsors and other stakeholders to draft legislation and targeted amendments. Prepare committee testimony and facilitate conversations between community members and legislators. Comprehensive legislative monitoring.


Craft clear, accessible messaging for communications with the public and legislators. Monitor the concerns of opposing stakeholders and provide thorough rebuttals. Develop fact sheets with comprehensive background on the issue and need for policy change. 

Grassroots Organization

Engage members of the public and existing community organizations in an active campaign for change. Create a constituency by providing education, inspiration, and easy means to become involved. Identify members of the grassroots network to further utilize for media appearances, testimony, and conversations with legislators.

Coalition Building

Actively partnering with groups and individuals in both professional and community arenas; including policy, trade, and non-profit organizations; businesses; community groups; and community leaders.

Digital Strategies

Consulting on and/or directly creating social networks to capture and engage community members. Crafting a website to serve as a reference point for information related to the issue. Using popular tools within social media to share information and further build the network.

Directing Stakeholder Advocacy

Efficiently harnessing support with directed email and phone action alerts. Providing talking points and templates to empower citizen advocates and encourage message discipline. Accompany and/or support citizens when meeting with legislators. Draft committee testimony and provide training and on-site support to testifying stakeholders.

Media Relations

Provide earned media strategies and connections with TV, radio, print, and web outlets. Draft press releases. Provide talking points for media interviews and training for subjects. Utilize stakeholders to increase awareness by interacting with media outlets via letters and social media. 


Public Policy Strategy

Provide assessment of current situation and develop goals for moving forward. Craft comprehensive plan to shape public opinion and transform public policy.